The Meaning & Origin of the Name Culver

Culver is an English boy name, which has 6 letters.

The name Culver is of English origin and is a variant of the name Culbreath, which is derived from the Old English elements "cul" meaning "back" and "bryht" meaning "bright". It is thought to have originally been a nickname for someone who was unusually bright or keen-witted.

Pronuncation KUHL-vur

Alternate Meaning Dove

Origin or Current Usage English

Gender M


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Detailed Information About The Name Culver

The name 'Culver' is of English origin and is primarily a surname. It is derived from the Old English word "culfre" which means "dove." The name likely originated as a nickname for someone who resembled or had qualities associated with a dove, such as being gentle or peaceful. It is also possible that the name was given to someone who had a habit of keeping doves or raising them for their meat, as pigeons and doves were commonly bred for consumption in medieval times.

Over time, the surname 'Culver' became established and has been passed down through generations. Today, it is still used as both a surname and a given name. As a given name, it is more commonly used for boys, but it can also be given to girls. The name has a traditional and somewhat timeless feel to it, making it appealing to parents who prefer classic names for their children.

In addition to being a personal name, 'Culver' also has other associations. It is the name of various places, particularly in the United States. One notable place is Culver City, located in California. Culver City was founded in 1917 and is named after its founder, Harry Culver. It has since become a major center for the entertainment industry, housing many film and television studios, as well as other entertainment-related businesses.

Overall, the name 'Culver' carries historical and symbolic significance. Whether used as a personal name or associated with locations, it reflects the connection to doves and the attributes attributed to them such as peace, gentleness, and beauty.

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