The Meaning & Origin of the Name Denton

Denton is an English boy name, which has 6 letters.

Denton is a name of English origin, derived from the Old English word 'denu', meaning "valley". It is also believed to be derived from an old English personal name, Duning, meaning "hill dweller".

Pronuncation den-tən

Alternate Meaning Happy home

Origin or Current Usage English

Gender M


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Detailed Information About The Name Denton

The name 'Denton' is derived from an Old English word, 'denu', which means valley. It is a toponymic surname that originated as a place name and later became a popular given name. Denton is primarily used as a masculine name, although it can be occasionally used for females as well.

The name Denton carries historical significance as it can be traced back to medieval times when it was associated with several places in England. One of the most notable places named Denton is a village located in the county of Northamptonshire. There are also several Denton villages in different counties across England, including Kent, Norfolk, and Lancashire.

As a given name, Denton gained popularity in the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It spread further in the 1930s when the influential Denton family, owners of a prominent publishing company, gained national recognition. The name experienced intermittent popularity over the years but maintains a steady presence in the American naming charts.

Those with the name Denton are often described as confident, practical, and ambitious individuals. They are known for their strong work ethic and determination. Denton is also associated with resourcefulness and adaptability due to its etymological connection to the word 'valley' which symbolizes shelter and fertility. Furthermore, people with the name Denton are known for their effective communication skills and their ability to connect with others on a deep level.

In conclusion, Denton is a meaningful name with historical roots originating from Old English. It is a versatile name that has transitioned from being a place name to a popular given name. Denton has a rich legacy and is associated with positive qualities such as confidence, ambition, and resourcefulness.

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