The Meaning & Origin of the Name Harrison

Harrison is an English boy name, which has 8 letters.

Harrison is an English surname derived from the Old English personal name Harry, which is a diminutive form of Harold. The meaning of Harrison is "son of Harry" or "son of Harold".

Alternate Meaning Son of harry

Origin or Current Usage English

Gender M


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Detailed Information About The Name Harrison

The name Harrison is a popular English surname turned given name. It traces its origins to medieval England, derived from the patronymic form of the name Harry, which is a diminutive of Henry. The etymology of Harrison can be broken down into two components: 'Harry,' a Middle English variation of 'Henry,' and 'son,' a common suffix indicating "son of."

Harrison has been widely adopted as a first name in recent centuries, particularly in English-speaking countries. It first gained recognition as a given name in the 18th century, likely influenced by political leader and U.S. President William Henry Harrison. The surname Harrison has been carried by notable individuals, such as George Harrison of The Beatles, further contributing to the name's popularity.

People with the name Harrison are often known for their ambitious and determined nature. They are driven, hardworking, and set high goals for themselves. Their strong leadership skills and organizational abilities make them natural candidates for positions of authority. Harrisons are known to be reliable and dependable individuals, making them valuable friends and colleagues. They are often praised for their logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Furthermore, Harrison can also be associated with specific meanings and connotations. In English, the name translates to "son of Henry" or "son of the ruler," highlighting a lineage of power and nobility. Some variations of the name include Harryson or Harrisson, both originating from the same etymology.

Overall, the name Harrison carries historical significance and personal attributes that contribute to its continued popularity today. Whether rooted in family heritage or chosen for its qualities, Harrison remains a strong and distinguished name choice.

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