The Meaning & Origin of the Name Khortdad

Khortdad is a Persian boy name, which has 8 letters.

Khortdad is an Arabic name meaning "generous" or "benevolent." It is derived from the root word khary, which means "to give" or "to bestow".

Pronuncation kohrt-dad

Alternate Meaning Perfection

Origin or Current Usage Persian

Gender M


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Detailed Information About The Name Khortdad

Khortdad is a unique name with origins rooted in the Persian language and culture. In Persian, the name "Khortdad" is derived from the words "khort," meaning son, and "dad," meaning giver. As such, Khortdad carries a special meaning of being the "son giver" or "gift of a son."

Those named Khortdad are often associated with positive qualities such as strength, ambition, and resilience. The name represents a sense of responsibility as it emphasizes the role of a son in both personal and societal contexts. It signifies the hope and expectation of bringing forth a child who embodies these qualities and who will carry on the family lineage.

The name Khortdad is not as commonly used as some other names in Persian culture, which adds to its uniqueness and exclusivity. Individuals named Khortdad often embrace their distinct identity and take pride in it. They see themselves as a representation of the cherished cultural values and traditions embedded in their name.

Furthermore, those named Khortdad are often considered to have a strong connection to their family and roots. They respect their heritage and strive to maintain the values and customs passed down through generations. This sense of belonging and identity associated with the name Khortdad fosters a deep appreciation for family, lineage, and cultural heritage.

In conclusion, Khortdad is a meaningful and distinct name originating from the Persian language. It carries a rich cultural significance, symbolizing the importance of sons and family traditions. Individuals named Khortdad often embody strength, ambition, and resilience, while maintaining a strong connection to their heritage. Their unique identity is a testament to the time-honored values and customs associated with the name.

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