The Meaning & Origin of the Name Krista

Krista is a Scandinavian girl name, which has 6 letters.

Krista is a Scandinavian name meaning “beloved” or “anointed one”. It can also be a shortened form of the name Christina, which means “follower of Christ”.

Pronuncation KRIS-tuh

Alternate Meaning Christ bearer

Origin or Current Usage Scandinavian

Gender F


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Detailed Information About The Name Krista

The name 'Krista' is of Scandinavian origin and is derived from the name 'Christian', which means 'follower of Christ'. 'Krista' is a feminine name commonly used in English-speaking countries. It is often considered a variant of the names 'Kristen' or 'Kristina'. The popularity of the name 'Krista' has varied over time and across different regions.

In terms of its meaning and significance, 'Krista' reflects the connection to Christianity. It embodies the idea of being a devout follower of Christ and holding strong religious beliefs. The name can also be associated with qualities such as faith, compassion, and kindness.

Those named 'Krista' tend to possess various positive traits. They are often described as warm-hearted, empathetic, and caring individuals. They value their relationships with others and are dedicated to creating harmonious and nurturing environments. People with this name are typically known for their strong sense of responsibility and willingness to support and protect their loved ones.

The name 'Krista' has been used in various cultural contexts, and its popularity has peaked at different times. In the United States, for example, it gained significant popularity in the 1970s, possibly influenced by the rise of other similar-sounding names. However, its usage has gradually declined since then.

In conclusion, 'Krista' is a feminine name derived from 'Christian' and associated with the devotion to Christ. It denotes qualities such as faith, compassion, and kindness. People named 'Krista' are often described as warm-hearted and caring individuals who prioritize their relationships and demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility. Although the popularity of the name has fluctuated over time, it continues to be used in various cultural contexts.

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