The Meaning & Origin of the Name Laura

Laura is a Latin girl name, which has 5 letters.

Laura is a feminine name of Latin origin meaning “crowned with laurel” or “victory.” It is associated with the Roman goddess of the same name, who was the goddess of the Laurentian people, a group of people living in the area around Rome.

Pronuncation loh-ruh

Alternate Meaning Laurel-crowned

Origin or Current Usage Latin

Gender F


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Detailed Information About The Name Laura

Laura is a female given name with Latin origin. It is derived from the Latin word "laurus" which means "laurel" or "victory." The name Laura has been in use since the Middle Ages and gained popularity throughout Europe during the Renaissance. It became increasingly popular in English-speaking countries in the 19th century and has since remained a common name choice for parents.

There are several notable figures who bear the name Laura. One prominent example is Saint Laura, also known as Laura of Cordoba, who lived in the 9th century and became a martyr for her Christian faith. Another notable figure is Laura Secord, a Canadian heroine during the War of 1812 who famously walked 20 miles to warn the British forces of an impending American attack. Laura Ingalls Wilder, an American author best known for her autobiographical book series "Little House on the Prairie," is another influential name bearer.

In terms of popularity, Laura has consistently ranked among the top baby names in various countries. In the United States, Laura experienced its peak popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, holding a spot in the top 20 names. It gradually declined in popularity but remains a well-loved and familiar name.

The name Laura is often associated with positive qualities such as beauty, intelligence, and elegance. It exudes an air of timeless charm and sophistication. Variants of the name, such as Lauren and Lara, have also gained popularity in recent years.

Overall, Laura is a name with a rich history and a timeless appeal. With its Latin origins and association with laurel wreaths symbolizing victory, it carries a sense of strength and resilience. Whether used as a first or middle name, Laura continues to be a popular and well-regarded choice among parents seeking a classic and beautiful name for their daughters.

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