The Meaning & Origin of the Name Orn

Orn is a Scandinavian boy name, which has 3 letters.

The name Orn is an Old Norse name derived from the word “arn”, which means eagle. It is believed to symbolize strength and courage.

Pronuncation Orn: ohrn

Alternate Meaning Eagle

Origin or Current Usage Scandinavian

Gender M


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Detailed Information About The Name Orn

The name "Orn" is of Scandinavian origin and is predominantly used as a masculine name. It has multiple meanings and carries historical significance in various cultures. In Old Norse, "Orn" translates to "eagle." The eagle is a majestic bird symbolizing strength, courage, and freedom. As such, the name Orn represents these qualities and is often associated with individuals who exhibit determination and leadership.

In addition to its Norse roots, the name Orn also has meaning in other cultures. In Thai, "Orn" means "elegant" or "graceful." This interpretation reflects the aesthetic qualities associated with the name, emphasizing sophistication and refinement. Meanwhile, in Georgian, "Orn" signifies a "wolf." The wolf is often associated with loyalty, intuition, and adaptability, suggesting that those named Orn may possess these traits.

Furthermore, the name Orn carries historical significance in Icelandic literature. It appears as a character's name in the Icelandic Saga of the People of Laxardal. This medieval saga is a highly regarded literary work, highlighting the cultural and historical implications of the name Orn.

The popularity of the name Orn varies across different countries and time periods. While it may be less common in some regions, it has endured as a unique and meaningful name choice for parents seeking a name that symbolizes strength, elegance, or loyalty. The versatility and cultural associations of the name Orn contribute to its appeal among individuals and families looking for a distinctive and significant name.

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