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Celebrity Baby Names

  • Bingham(M)English

    Kate Hudson (Actress)

  • Connor(U)Celtic

    Tom Cruise (Actor)

  • Destry(F)French

    Stephen Spielberg (Director)

  • Dexter(M)Latin

    Diane Keaton (Actress)

  • Duncan(M)Celtic

    David Bowie (Musician)

  • Ella(F)Spanish

    Annette Bening (Actress)

  • Faith(F)Latin

    Nicole Kidman (Actress)

  • Holden(M)English

    Mira Sorvino (Actress)

  • Homer(M)Greek

    Richard Gere (Actor)

  • Ireland(U)American

    Alec Baldwin (Actor)

  • Isadora(F)Latin

    Björk (Musician)

  • Kimber(F)American

    Clint Eastwood (Actor)

  • Knox(M)English

    Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie (Actor)

  • Max(M)Latin

    Christina Aguilera (Musician)

  • Moses(M)Hebrew

    Gwyneth Paltrow (Actress)

  • Piper(U)English

    Gillian Anderson (Actress)

  • Seraphina(F)Hebrew

    Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck (Actor)

  • Sophia(F)Greek

    Sylvester Stallone (Actor)

  • Willem(M)Celtic

    Billy Idol (William Broad) (Musician)

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