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Types of Names

There are variety of categories for names, and we have developed a list of different types of names which are of interest to those who are looking to pick a name for their baby, or to find the meaning of their (or someone's) name.

The variety of name types available here are based on popularity; however, we are always working on adding more obscure categories to quench the desire of those users who may be interested in unusual or unique names.

  • Biblical & Saint's NamesNames inspired by the Bible and Christian saints, including meaning and history.
  • Gothic NamesNames which are inspired by and/or represent the Gothic period and modern goth culture.
  • Modern NamesNames with relatively short histories, which go back only decades.
  • Traditional & Old FashionedNames which are inspired by historical characters, the Bible, and classical literature.
  • Unisex NamesThese are names that can be used for either boys or girls.
  • Medieval NamesNames with roots dating back between the 5th and the 15th century.
  • Theophoric NamesTheophoric names are inspired by the names of ancient gods and goddesses.
  • Proverbial NamesProverbial names originate from African tribal tradition of life event naming.
  • HypocorismsHypocorisms are shorter versions of given names, which are also known as nicknames.
  • Cute NamesThe last few decades have seen the advent of cute names which are modern creations.

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