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Baby Boy & Baby Girl Names & Meanings

Nameopia, a collection of baby names and meanings which is curated manually to ensure the highest fidelity when it comes to the origin and meaning of each and every name. Additionally, we have a growing collection of naming resources which should help you pick the perfect name for your baby or change your name to something more in tune with your personality. We always love hearing from our visitors, and look forward to their input in order to make Names and Meanings a better destination for learning about names.

We have developed a growing collection of articles and resources to help you learn a great deal about names, their meaning, as well as naming and name-change resources.

Naming & Name Change Resources

Naming Your BabyPicking a name is one of the most important things you will do for your child, so why not take some time to look through our collection of baby naming resources. Naming Your Baby
Unusual Baby NamesUnique or unusual baby names are tempting when it is time to name your child; however, you should also be aware of the pitfalls that a unique name might have. Unusual Baby Names
Biblical Baby NamesBiblical names are some of the most widely used names, and for good reason. The tradition and history behind these names makes them a great choice! Biblical Baby Names
Types of Baby NamesThe baby name collection on this site is constantly evolving, and a good way to browse through our database is selecting the type of name you are interested in. Types of Baby Names

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