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Popular Baby Names

Names that were popular decades or even years ago are no longer popular among new parents, or are they? Here you can find a list of the top ten most popular baby names of the previous year, based on the of the Social Security Administration.

Popular Baby Boy Names

  1. Jacob(M)Hebrew
  2. Mason(M)French
  3. William(M)English
  4. Jayden(M)American
  5. Noah(M)Hebrew
  6. Ethan(M)Hebrew
  7. Alexander(M)Greek
  8. Madison(U)English
  9. Aiden(M)Celtic
  10. Daniel(M)Hebrew

Popular Baby Girl Names

  1. Isabella(F)Italian
  2. Emma(F)Latin
  3. Olivia(F)Latin
  4. Ava(F)Latin
  5. Emily(F)Latin
  6. Abigail(F)Hebrew
  7. Madison(U)English
  8. Mia(F)Latin
  9. Chloe(F)Greek

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